Salsa shoes

dance shoes dance store hilversumWhen you are looking for Salsa shoes, Danswinkel is worth a visit. We have physical stores in The Hague, Amsterdam and Hilversum. We are also available on location throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Or visit our online shop to view our full collection.

We have many different models and sizes dance shoes that you can try. Especially when it’s the first time buying Dance shoes, it is really important to be well advised. By letting you try on different models and asking the right questions, we can help you find the perfect Salsa shoe!

Our Salsa shoes have a suede sole, which makes turning very easy. Salsa shoes traditionally have a high heel, but we see many different heel heights on the dancefloor nowadays. The most important thing is that you feel good and secure on your dance shoes, so it’s fine to start with a lower heel to slowly get used to dancing on heels. The brands we sell in our store are the best brands known in the dancing world. For Salsa for example we have shoes from Werner Kern, Nueva Epoca, Anna Kern, Supadance, Diamant and Portdance.

Looking for training- or beginner shoes? We also sell comfortable dance sneakers and jazz shoes from Rumpf, Papillon and Suny, suitable for a wide variety of dance styles. These sporty dance shoes are perfect to alternate with your heeled Salsa shoes.

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